Ravichandran Ashwin urges people to spread love not hatred

Ravichandran Ashwin urges people to spread love not hatred

Ravichandran Ashwin
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Ravichandran Ashwin sometimes triggers serious debates on Twitter. If appropriate and necessary, he sometimes gets into the arguments and starts trolling people. However, on few other occasions, things get out of hands when fans from India and across the border get engaged furiously in a battle of words.

One such incident happened yesterday when a Pakistani user made a comment on Ashwin’s tweet about Paralympic athlete Deepa Malik. Ashwin congratulated her on winning a silver medal in the shot put competition.

He tweeted, “So these exceptionally talented men and women continue to inspire the nation. Well done #DeepaMalik #legend”

While Ashwin was praising Deepa’s courage and talent, a twitter user seemed to be out of his mind and posted a provocative reply trying to mock India. He tweeted, “1.2 billion population and just 4 medals. LOL”

Ashwin did not pay heed to his provocation and gave a typical reply that would have burned his rear to a great extent.

But, there was no end to this debate and people from both the sides jumped with one user speaking about the respect which Pakistanis have.

Ashwin also had a proper reply and asked him to calm down and spread love instead of hatred. He wrote, “sir please do very well. My wishes were heartfelt. Spread only love, no hatred.”

The user seemed to have understood what message Ashwin was trying to convey and decided end settled down and be at peace