Reports: Sri Lanka cricketers unable to pay EMIs due to contract dispute

Reports: Sri Lanka cricketers unable to pay EMIs due to contract dispute

Junior players are reportedly caught in the standoff between board and seniors.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka. (Photo by GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images)

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times. Not only the performance of the team is under the scanner but the contract dispute between board and the players has also made the headlines. This has led to SLC making contracts on a tour by tour basis at the moment which has put the players playing only single format in trouble.

After making changes in the central contract, the players refused to sign those asking the board to be more transparent and since then, the contract standoff is going on. And now the situation has worsened for the players as reportedly, they are facing a lot of problems in paying home loans and insurances.

According to a report in Sunday Morning, the players have written to SLC regarding the same and have asked to pay the old dues and honour the contract. “Due to the new contract, we have not been paid any kind since January 2021. The players are not clear about the new contract. They should be informed about this in writing. Under the new contract, the salary of the players has to be cut by 30 per cent,” the letter to the board read.

Junior players caught in the standoff

Source close to the development has also confirmed that the junior players have caught in the standoff between the board and the senior players. “The lack of annual contracts has severely affected the players. It is difficult for them to pay even the house instalment and the insurance for their parents. Some have even stopped their marriages. Junior players find themselves caught in the fight between senior players and the board.

“There is this feeling that their careers will be over without any contract since they are not selected for the ongoing series,” the source said. The report also adds that the players have requested the board to implement the annual contract from January 1, 2021 and the juniors are hoping to get out of the controversy in order to get their salaries.