Rishabh Pant is just 20 and media scrutinises him so much: Rohit Sharma

Rishabh Pant is just 20 and media scrutinises him so much: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma took part in a live session with Yuvraj Singh on Instagram.

Rishabh Pant and Rohit Sharma
Rishabh Pant and Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Rishabh Pant, the young Indian wicketkeeper-batsman was going through a bad time as a cricketer before COVID-19 outbreak. He was brought under the scanner by the critics for his rash batting. However, currently, he is spending time with his family as the country is under lockdown until the 14th of April. Now, Rohit Sharma, the Indian opener has slammed media for putting unnecessary pressure on the young player while talking to Yuvraj Singh in a live Instagram session.

The 22-year-old replaced MS Dhoni in the national team, after 2019 World Cup semi-final. He was looked down as a perfect player, who can walk in the footsteps of the veteran player. Moreover, he had performed exceedingly well in IPL 2019. However, a sudden dip in his form turned things around. Pant’s consistent poor performances gave critics and media an opportunity to slam him. So far he has played 13 Tests, 16 ODIs and 28 T20Is in which he has scored two tons and 5 fifties.

Rohit Sharma looks unimpressed with media

Now, Rohit Shama, the Indian opener slammed media for putting unnecessary pressure on Rishabh Pant. The Indian opener said that the Delhiite is just 21-22 years old. He came under pressure after listening to the news about him due to which he got tensed. He said that media plays an important role in the development of a player. As per him, they should not write things that do not make any sense. It is their job to write about the players. But before that, they should think twice as it makes a huge difference in any player’s life.

“I talk to Rishabh Pant more, he is just 20-21, he was under so much of scrutiny that he got tensed. Media thinks its part of their job to write but they should be sensible and think before writing something as it plays a huge part,” Rohit Sharma said during a live interaction with Yuvraj Singh on Instagram.

The Indian opener also recited the fact that he keeps telling them that as soon as they arrive in the team. They should not wait to gain experience but to start learning. The youngsters should take each innings as their last, “I tell them if you have come in the team a year ago then don’t keep waiting to gain experience and start learning straight away, just take each innings as the last innings of your life,” Rohit added.