Are Sakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma childhood friends?

Are Sakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma childhood friends?

Both studied in the same school.

Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Anushka Sharma
An old picture of Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Anushka Sharma doing rounds on social media. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni share a special camaraderie between them and respect each other immensely. Even recently, Kohli went on to say that no one can come in between him and Mahi. On the field as well, the skipper is seen discussing tactics with his senior pro. However, the relation between them might go a notch higher as the wife of Dhoni, Sakshi and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma who is the girlfriend of Kohli are known to be childhood friends.

The images of both the ladies posing together in the same photograph during their school days are going viral. Dhoni married Sakshi way back in 2010 and has also welcomed a cute daughter Ziva in his family. Virat, on the other hand, is in the relationship with the Bollywood Diva Anushka for quite some time now and he is not afraid to speak openly about the love of his life in the media. But the fact that Sakshi and Anushka know each other since their school days must have amazed their fans a lot.

Both studied in the same school

The fan club of the actress Anushka Sharma shared the throwback pictures of her childhood when she used to pose with Sakshi on microblogging website Twitter. As per reports, both of them were in the same school in Assam. The father of Anushka was in Army and she used to travel with her family across the country.

In the pictures going viral, it could be seen that Sakshi and Anushka are posing for a photograph. They could also be seen enjoying a lot with their friends which points to only one fact that they were friends even before Virat Kohli and Mahi met them. Also, both the ladies could be seen in the same when they were in the school. The fans are absolutely loving this connection between their favourite cricketers and couple.