Sanjay Bangar, R Shridhar equate Indian cricketers with marvel characters

Sanjay Bangar and R Sridhar
Sanjay Bangar and R Sridhar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian batting coach Sanjay Bangar and fielding coach R Shridhar have had a great time with the team. They have added to the strength to the team working behind the curtains. As the teams prepare for the 2nd T20I at Nagpur the Bangar and Sridhar were asked to associate marvel characters with some of the most popular and iconic current Indian cricketers. Ravichandran Ashwin, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli were among the names that got some exciting responses.

When asked about current Indian captain and possibly the best batsman of the modern era, Virat by both the coaches instantly equated him with Superman. Their opinions of former Indian and one of the most successful and seasonal captains MS Dhoni were not the same, as Sridhar called him Captain America while Sanjay linked him with Ironman.


For India’s ace spinner and ICC Cricketer of the Year Ravi Ashwin, the coaches gave different superhero titles accompanied with plausible and interesting reasoning. Bangar said he would call him the Spiderman because Ashwin lures his opponent (batsman) into his spin web. Whereas, Sridhar called him an Ironman, explaining that he is strong his strategically and analytically and that it helps him in taking bold decisions.

For comeback king and man of the tournament in the 2011 World Cup Yuvraj Singh, the coaches again differed with the titles they assigned. Sridhar called him a Batman. While, Sanjay said Yuvi reminded him of the Hulk, adding the way he walks like a tiger is similar to the tearaway hero from the Marvel series.

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Talking about their favorite food and cuisine Sanjay said he has been hooked onto Japanese of late he has been gorging on the Sushi and the Sashimi while Sridhar said he loves home cooked food. That answer definitely earned him a few brownie points with his wife as well.

The duo then discussed the top three songs in their playlists along with suggesting what their autobiographies will likely be named.