Sara Tendulkar's latest Instagram photo is going viral on the internet

Sara Tendulkar’s latest Instagram photo is going viral on the internet

It is not easy to be a celebrity in India there are various nuances that are to be dealt with.

Sara Tendulkar
Sara Tendulkar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

When you are a son or the daughter of a celebrity, it is very tough to stay out of the limelight. The same has happened with the children of Sachin Tendulkar, the most love and followed cricketer across the world. He scaled a lot of heights during his illustrious international career but his children Arjun and Sara Tendulkar are now being followed most by his fans. The latter, however, is currently breaking the internet after posting her picture on Instagram.

Sara has been in the news before after a stalker had troubled her a lot and wanted to marry her after a lightning strike had confirmed him the same. He had called into Sachin’s office almost 20-25 times and also had made a tattoo of her name on his wrist which left everyone bewildered. Police also arrested him after the case went out of the hands to close the matter which left the father Sachin worried about his kids.

Sara’s Instagram update

A couple of days ago, Sara Tendulkar was in Lonavala it seems and she posted her adorable picture on Instagram in which she has looked immensely beautiful. Now, the daughter of a well-known celebrity leads to automatic followers of Sara and many are already bowled over her beauty.

Her latest update on the social media is breaking the internet and her fans are left gushing over her beautiful picture. Several people already treat her as a celebrity as there were reports earlier of her making it to the Bollywood.


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Alike his sister, Arjun Tendulkar is also under the radar of the fans and the media. He was recently selected in the India U19 side for Sri Lanka tour and all the eyes will be on him expectedly. Arjun will be under pressure to perform in his first assignment itself and it will be interesting to see how he handles the pressure.

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