Shahid Afridi bemoans ‘shameful’ incident in Assam

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi. (Photo by ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has lashed out at the police authorities in Assam, India stating his sadness for the incident. Ripon Chowdhury was apprehended by the local authorities after having donned Afridi’s jersey. Afridi deemed the incident as shameful and something that ideally should not have taken place. The youngster Ripon was then apprehended by local police following a complaint filed by the youth wing of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).

“It is shameful that such an incident should take place. It is sad that politics is being played with cricket,” Afridi was quoted as saying by ‘Jang’ newspaper.


He went on to add that such intolerance should not have taken place given the fact that the sport needs to be something that is celebrated rather than such incidents. “Such incidents highlight intolerance and should be condemned. Because if there are fans of Pakistan cricket players in India the same is the case in Pakistan where there are fans of Indian players,” Afridi said.

Afridi went on to conclude that cricket should be kept away from politics. “Cricket fans should only be seen as cricket lovers in both countries.”

A similar ordeal took place in Pakistan when a Virat Kohli fan hoisted the Indian flag following India’s win over Australia in the World T20 earlier this year. Once again, it was the 28-year-old Indian batsman who condemned the incident and the ordeal. The fan was subsequently sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment before the court granted him bail for the same.

However, there is a bigger issue at hand given the fact that India and Pakistan are refusing to play a bilateral series in recent times. While the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has stated that they are indeed open to playing the Indians, it is the BCCI that seemingly has very clear instructions from the government not to entertain the Pakistanis at least until the political situation is sorted out.