Shahid Afridi not pleased with Kapil Dev's 'India has enough money' comment

Shahid Afridi not pleased with Kapil Dev’s ‘India has enough money’ comment

Kapil Dev hadn't liked Akhtar's idea much.

Kapil Dev and Shahid Afridi
Kapil Dev and Shahid Afridi. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Shahid Afridi has been quite vocal about what he and his foundation has been doing for people in Pakistan. The Shahid Afridi Foundation has been trying to help needy in dealing with the crisis. As the whole world has gone into lockdown, the former Pakistan cricketer has been trying his best during these tough times. However, Afridi has expressed his opinion on the whole Shoaib Akhtar and Kapil Dev war of words.

A few days ago, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar had suggested that India and Pakistan could play a three-match series in Dubai to raise funds for both the countries. The pacer had said that funds could be used by both countries to fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

After learning about Shoaib’s suggestion, Kapil Dev said that India have enough money in this situation and can handle the crisis. He also added that having a tournament such as that would like risking lives of many people. After Dev’s comments Akhtar also had a reply for the Indian legend and felt that the latter didn’t understand his perspective.

Akhtar said, “I don’t think Kapil Bhai understood what I was trying to say. Everyone is going to be trapped economically. This is the time to put our heads together and generate revenues.” The fast-bowler further said that he thinks Kapil Dev doesn’t need money but everyone else does.

Afridi backs Akhtar and slams Kapil for his statement

After a lot of talk between the two, Shahid Afridi has joined in the banter. He said that Akhtar had some something positive for humanity and he was surprised after knowing what Kapil Dev said. He also pointed out that he has seen videos of many Indian people who are eating food from garbage to eat.

Afridi also mentioned that he respects Kapil Dev a lot but he shouldn’t have come up with that sort of statement. “Shoaib Akhtar said something positive for the sake of humanity. I’m shocked at Kapil Dev’s reply to him as I’ve seen videos from India where people are taking food from the garbage & eating it. Whilst I respect him, Kapil shouldn’t have said what he did,” Afridi was quoted as saying by Pak Passion.