Shakib Al Hasan apologizes after receiving death threats for attending Kali Pujo in Kolkata

Shakib Al Hasan apologizes after receiving death threats for attending Kali Pujo in Kolkata

Shakib Al Hasan attended a 'Kali Pujo' event in Kolkata just for two minutes.

Shakib Al Hasan
Shakib Al Hasan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Once again, the angle of religion and community has been targeted in the game of cricket. The sport that aims to keep itself away from all these social bondage has been trapped in the same angle. Bangladesh cricketer Shakib Al Hasan, was forced to put forward his apology for attending a religious gathering in Kolkata. He had to come up with an apology after fearing death threats, which he received from Islamists.

People got vocal on the issue when they saw an international cricketer being targeted liked this. They even added; imagine the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh when a player of Hasan’s stature can get death threats in this manner. It was reported that he attended the ‘Kali Pujo’ for just two minutes, but he had to face the severe repercussion in the same light.

“Bangladeshi cricket Shakib Al Hasan forced to apologize for attending Kali Pujo in Kolkata, fearing death threats from Islamists,” Times Now reported.

In the same sequence of events, Hasan explained his stand and came up with an answer. He stated that he was there in the Pujo Pandal only for two minutes and lit a candle. He further added that he won’t ever repeat his actions being a conscious Muslim. Even if he is wrong at the point, he came with a straight apology.

“Only for 2mins, I was in that Puja Pandal. I did not inaugurate it, I just lit the candle. As a conscious Muslim Man, I won’t ever do such a thing, perhaps going there was also wrong for me. If you feel it I am sorry for that. Please forgive me for this,” Hasan said in a statement.

Shakib’s statements in his defense

In the same light, famous Bangladeshi writer, feminist and secular humanist added that Shakib should not have apologized for his actions. He was not wrong, and it would give Islamists more power to continue their heinous acts in the light of religion and community.

“Shakib Al Hasan should not have apologized for attending Kali puja in Kolkata. His apology will strengthen the Islamists to kill Muslims whoever visit puja mandap or sympathize with Hindus. He should have said what he did was right, love should be celebrated & hate should be rejected,” she added.