Shane Warne slams 'ordinary cricketer' Marlon Samuels for his disgusting comments on Ben Stokes and his wife

Shane Warne slams ‘ordinary cricketer’ Marlon Samuels for his disgusting comments on Ben Stokes and his wife

Even Michael Vaughan had criticised Samuels for his comment.

Shane Warne, Ben Stokes and Marlon Samuels
Shane Warne, Ben Stokes and Marlon Samuels. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Ben Stokes recently narrated his experience of staying quarantined for 14 days. While speaking about the same, he also mentioned the period wasn’t enjoyable at all and he wouldn’t wish such a thing even for his enemy and even for Marlon Samuels. This statement from the England all-rounder has led to the West Indies cricketer Samuels reacting in a not so good way and the reactions are around the same very harsh.

Samuels brought up a racism issue in it and also dragged Stokes’ wife in the conversation unnecessarily. He also slammed Shane Warne in the subsequent stories on his Instagram handle. Samuels and Warne were indulged in a serious banter on the field during one of the earlier seasons of the Big Bash League (BBL).

Soon after Marlon Samuels responded to Stokes in a harsh way, not many former cricketers liked it and now when Shane Warne has been made aware of it, even he has slammed the Caribbean cricketer.

Get help son, says Shane Warne to Samuels

Shane Warne took to his official Twitter handle to express his opinion on the matter and stated that Samuels needs some serious help as no one is his friend at the moment. He also said that none of his ex-West Indies teammates like Samuels as well. The former Australia cricketer then also termed the 39-year-old West Indian as ordinary cricketer.

“I’ve just been sent what Samuels has posted re @benstokes38 & I. It’s a very sad situation as he obviously needs serious help-but has no friends at all & not even his ex teammates like him. Just because you were an ordinary cricketer-no need to be an ordinary person. Get help son,” Warne tweeted.

Here’s his tweet:

Meanwhile, Ben Stokes is yet to comment on the matter, however, he has posted a few of Marlon Samuels’ old picture on his Instagram stories without saying anything. The tussle between the duo started way back in the 2016 T20 World Cup final and it has now turned ugly with Samuels’ latest statement.