Shane Warne's $1m 'Baggy Green' buyer has been revealed

Shane Warne’s $1m ‘Baggy Green’ buyer has been revealed

Shane Warne's Baggy Green cap managed to raise a whopping sum of over $1 million for bushfire relief.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

The global ecosystem is expressing grief over the current situation of Australian bushfires which left everyone in disbelief. Since September 2019, bushfires in Australia have been spreading fast and the massive impact these devastating fires are having on people is totally unimaginable. Millions of animals died, homes have been destroyed and many lives have been lost.

In the need of the hour, celebrities, athletes and leaders from every nook and corner of the world stepped up and did their bit by contributing something for the bushfire victims. Among the several contributors, Shane Warne had announced that he would be auctioning off his baggy green cap in a bid to raise funds for the bushfire appeal.

So, whatever money is being raised will help those less fortunate ones in the country. For the unversed, Baggy Green is a cricket cap that has been donned by Australian Test cricketers. This cap is considered as national pride in Australia.

Who is Shane Warne’s mystery Baggy Green buyer?

Shane Warne’s Baggy Green cap managed to raise a whopping sum of over $1 million for bushfire relief. The mystery bidder for Shane Warne’s Baggy Green cap is Commonwealth Bank, who paid $1,007,500 for the cap with all proceeds going to help the bushfire victims in this crisis. Speculations were rife that the anonymous buyer who was listed on the auction house website as ‘MC of Sydney’ was none other than former cricket captain and Warne’s close friend Michael Clarke.

However, it has now been revealed that CommBank CEO Matt Comyn was the one who said the Baggy Green cap would be taken on a national tour to help raise additional funds for the bushfire victims before finally being put on permanent exhibition at the Bradman Museum in Bowral.

CommBank CEO Matt Comyn said he is delighted that Commonwealth Bank of Australia has been able to secure Shane Warne’s prestigious Baggy Green cap. “I am delighted that CBA has been able to secure Shane’s cherished Baggy Green cap,” Comyn said in a statement according to

“This has not only raised another $1 million for bushfire relief, but it will also enable us to raise further funds for the bushfire appeal as the cap commences a fundraising tour across the country before retiring as a permanent exhibit at the Bradman Museum in Bowral to be enjoyed by all Australians and cricket fans.

“I want to thank and commend Shane for giving up one of his most cherished possessions for such an important cause. He has demonstrated the same Aussie spirit we are seeing across the country with acts of generosity and dedication throughout this disaster as communities rally to support each other,” he said.

It is worth mentioning here that CommBank has a long history of supporting the gentleman’s game, with the recent purchase of Shane Warne’s cherished Baggy Green and donation to the Bradman Museum.