Shikhar Dhawan never travels without this tiny gadget in his kit

It even shows instant detailed analysis of the accuracy you’re hitting the shots with and the power you apply.

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Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan. (Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP via Getty Images)

The marvelous cricketing world has come a long way forward in terms of technological advancements since its genesis. From a time where the use of Third Umpire was game-changing to now when breath-taking intensely detailed Decision Review System (DRS) technology is being used to get flawless accurate results.

It is safe to say that the cricketing world has never turned its back on the technology and has in fact always adapted with the times to progress the game even further. In this age of rapid evolution when everyone is trying to get an edge over their competitors through technological means, it is crucial to know what gadgets are next in line which might provide the players the edge that they require.

Today, we will be looking in depth into such new gadgets and how they are helping players all across the world to get even better at their field.

We have the magnificent Shikhar Dhawan, a master at the pitch, who has only been getting better and better on the crease as he recently became the first batsman to score hundreds in consecutive matches in an IPL and currently stands as the runner up for the orange cap with a whopping total of 551 runs.

His recent consistent aggressive batting performances filled with a remarkable half-century streak has also helped his team, Delhi Capitals, soar on the top of the leaderboard. Even the highly revered Gabbar of cricket has recently been seen using new gadgets to explore the depths of his batting performances.

Shikhar Dhawan has been publicly using StanceBeam, a smart sensor which fits right on top of the Cricket bat and gives batters all sorts of useful data regarding your performance directly to their phone.

He has been seen using StanceBeam during net practice to properly gather data about his batting performances to gain more insight on how to progress even further in his skill set. It is undeniable that when you’re playing cricket at such a high level, the statistics have a huge part to play not just for self-improvement but also to form and make use of clever strategies to win.

And when you do get into the game of statistics, you will need highly detailed data about every little thing that might get you that push you need to break through your own thresholds. This is where StanceBeam comes into play. The sensor accurately shows you everything you need to know about your performance. From bat speed to bat angles, the gadget goes into heavy detail about every single aspect which comes into play in hitting that perfect shot.

It even shows instant detailed analysis of the accuracy you’re hitting the shots with and the power you apply. The gadget goes hand-in-hand with a mobile StanceBeam Striker app which provides even more useful analysis on top of the gadget. It monitors your batting sessions in real time and analyzes your swing videos with 3D shot recreation and tracks your personal growth.

But the gadget’s features are not just limited to this as it goes into further heavy detail, all available right at your fingertips.

In this reel posted by Shikhar Dhawan himself, the StanceBeam sensor can be seen mounted on top of his bat as he goes off in an intense practice session. This could help him in finding out and exploring more about his batting speed and accuracy through the gadget and help a lot more in his coming matches.

The invaluable 360-degree batting analysis that StanceBeam provides is the primary reason why it has gained such notoriety and respect all across the cricketing world. Numerous cricketing academies from all across the globe have teamed up with StanceBeam to keep track of their players and help them overcome their weaknesses. It has become a vital tool in training students and catering to each individual’s specific needs.

The DRS technology, which was primarily used for decision-making, has come a long way as now it holds importance in training future professionals and tracking progress of your own personal growth. The more we venture into the detailed semantics of the pitch, the more we stumble into new and unique ways to better the experience of the game for everyone.

It is incredible to see previous technological advancements in the field such as Hawk-Eye ball tracking, sensors in cricket balls etc which were used to give a more entertaining experience to the audience, now being used for the betterment of the players and the sport itself.

More and more marvelous technological innovations are rising in the field day-by-day which provides previously unknown helpful insights into the working of the sport. These marvels are sure to take the skill set of the game to the next level and advance the game into its most triumphant and breath-taking era.

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