Sidhu can come and contest election here in Pakistan's Punjab, he'll win: Imran Khan

Sidhu can come and contest election here in Pakistan’s Punjab, he’ll win: Imran Khan

Imran also said that his government is willing to take steps towards friendship between the two countries.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former Indian cricketer Navjyot Singh Sidhu, a Minister in the Punjab state government has been criticized by the opposition parties since he went to Pakistan. Sidhu was invited by the new Prime Minister of the country Imran Khan and had travelled to Islamabad for his oath-taking ceremony in August this year. Since then the Bhartiya Janata Party has been critical of him at the state as well as national level.

Imran while talking to the media at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Kararpur corridor in Pakistan might have further added fuel to fire. He said that there’s no reason to criticize Sidhu and also mentioned that if the cricketer turned politician was to contest the election in the Punjab province of Pakistan would easily win the polls.

Don’t know why he was criticised

“I heard there was a lot of criticism of Sidhu when he went back after my oath-taking ceremony. I don’t know why was he criticised. He was just talking about peace and brotherhood. He can come and contest election here in Pakistan’s Punjab, he’ll win,” the PM said.

On the same note, Imran also said that he and his government is willing to take steps to improve the friendship and relations between the two countries. If India takes one step we will take two.

If India takes one step we’ll take two

“If India takes one step forward then we will take two steps forward toward friendship. I the prime minister, my political party, the rest of our political parties, our army, all our institutions are all on one page. We want to move forward,” Khan said.

Sidhu also said he was grateful that Imran showed a big heart to approve the Kartarpur corridor and termed it a move for peace between both the nations.

“The Kartarpur Spirit can make pilgrims of us all, venturing out on a journey that breaks the barriers of history and opens the borders of the heart and the mind. A journey that our people can walk together towards, a future of shared peace and prosperity for India and Pakistan,” Sidhu said ahead of the ceremony.

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