Sri Lanka Cricket announces the new pay hike scheme for the cricketers

Sri Lanka Cricket announces the new pay hike scheme for the cricketers

This is certainly good news for Sri Lankan cricket, to say the least.

Sri Lanka cricket team
Sri Lanka cricket team. (Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has announced a new pay hike scheme for all the currently contracted cricketers. Under the present system, there are a total of thirty-three players coming in the contract list of cricketers who will now be receiving a significant increase in their respective contractual pay and also the match fees will be increased, even though the lean patch of the team in the recent series.

The decision to increase the wages of the cricketers comes into play after the SLC had earned a record profit worth USD 14 million in 2017.

Sri Lankan cricketers receive a 34 percent increase in pay

The Sri Lankan cricket Board mentioned in its statement to increase the cricketer’s pay by 34 percent for the period of 2018-19. However, the reason for the substantial increase in pay was due to the strong results achieved in the previously concluded year. The Board did not announce any clear details regarding the end division of the new salaries, however, as per the recent learnings the cricketers are designated to be categorized as the highest paid individuals in the country.

“Sri Lanka Cricket raised the wages of national players by 34 percent for the period of 2018-19, following strong results achieved during the concluded financial year,” said a statement released by the Sri Lankan Cricket Board as quoted by Sportstar.

SLC recorded a major rise in profits in 2017

As per some official sources, the SLC recorded a considerable rise in its profits during a packed schedule of cricket in 2017. Last year, Sri Lanka played home series against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and India. The broadcasting earnings received during the India tour last year also played a reasonable role in increasing the gains.

However, this recent pay hike is a great moment for the Sri Lanka team off the field as they faced some drastic result out of their favour in the recent series, where they lost a home and away series against India and also lost a home-series to a rather inexperienced Zimbabwe side.

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