Sri Lankan cricketer challenges Waqar Younis

Sri Lankan cricketer challenges Waqar Younis

The Sri Lankan went a bit too far challenging the Pakistani legend.

Waqar Younis
Pakistan’s Waqar Younis. (Photo credit SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Expressing your opinion on social media can backfire, irrespective of the fact that it’s a positive message or a criticism. Former Pakistan coach Waqar Younis learnt it the hard way. As the Women’s World Cup 2017 is underway Waqar suggested to make the matches a 30-over affair rather than the conventional 50-50 format as in his view 50 overs are a few too many for Women’s World Cup.

Comparing it with a game of tennis where the females play a 3 set game while the men battle it out for 5 sets. He suggested that 30 overs WWC would make the contest even more interesting. The legend probably didn’t predict the backlash that he would receive for his tweets but Twitterati came severe at him as most didn’t agree with his opinion and thought it was rather demeaning for the women.

In a response to the same Sri Lankan women cricketer, Sripali Weerakkody posted a tweet claiming that their premier batswoman Chamari Athapaththu who scored 178* against Australia women in the tournament can smash him for a six any day of the week.

Sripali tweeted- “I challenge you to bowl to Athapaththu @waqyounis99 she will hit you for six any day of the week”

Here is Waqar’s tweet that created a huge stir on social media.

“@ICC What abt having 30 overs Cricket World Cup 4 Women???Like Tennis 3 sets rather then 5 #Suggestion I feel 50 overs r few 2many #WWCUP17”

With a shorter game he intended to make the game faster which will not only increase the level of competition and intensity but also attract a larger audience like we have seen with Twenty20 cricket overhauling the viewership of the other two formats.

He clarified that it was taken in the wrong sense being considered a discriminative suggestion.

“Lesser overs mean faster pace,, more audience,,competitive Cricket,,no discrimination or prejudice toward Women #AlwaysRespectWomen #WWCUP17” Younis posted.

Here are some of the replies to Sripali’s tweet

All the response that she got suggests that the 31-year-old medium pacer certainly went a little too far with the challenge as she was referring to someone who was famous for knocking the batsmen off with his bouncers or sending them back with his toe-crushing inswinging Yorkers.