State associations to drag the CoA to Supreme Court

MCA, Pune stadium India
MCA Pune International Cricket Centre. (Photo by Sattish Bate/ Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

The Committee of Administrators (CoA), which was appointed by the Supreme Court now has another problem to deal with. This time the issue being related to the Indian Premier league, the big money affair which they have always tried to avoid.

Many of the state associations of the BCCI have already articulated their concern over CoA going beyond their remit in following the Supreme Court order say they “will not be in a position to part with the infrastructure” for the Indian Premier league matches that are scheduled to happen in the next two months, if they are not paid for their work. The present system at the BCCI, however, believe that this is purely “another way of creating nuisance”.


Rs 60 lakh is the amount that is paid to the state associations for parting with the venue and infrastructure. The payment is made by the hosting franchise and the BCCI with the former paying 30 lakh and the remaining 30 lakh going from the BCCI.

The rule was different earlier as the state associations received money only from the franchise during 2008-11 and the amount was Rs. 10 lakh which later went up. In 2012 BCCI took the decision of paying an additional similar amount to the association.

There is no doubt about the fact that it will be a decision to make for the Supreme Court when this issue is raised by the association officially. If a gigantic and successful tournament like the IPL is disturbed for individual profits it will damage a booming industry.

Now we need to watch if the CoA clears the payment to the state associations or see these state association put up the matter before the supreme court where the BCCI issue will be dealt with once again. The current BCCI administration is of the view that “should the state associations obstruct with the sole idea of trying to create trouble, they will not be doing themselves a favour”.