Stats: Bangladesh captains with most wins in ODIs

Stats: Bangladesh captains with most wins in ODIs

The contribution of the skippers has been imperative and irreplaceable.

Mashrafe Mortaza |
Mashrafe Mortaza. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

The Bangladesh team, of late, has enjoyed immense success. Ever since their induction into the sport, the nation has taken great strides as a cricketing nation. Once minnows, the Tigers have evolved into one of the indomitable forces in the world to reckon with. The development of Bangladesh cricket has been extraordinary.

Bangladesh’s long journey showed that the path to cricketing success for a minor cricket nation is slow and needs patience. There is no point in asking Test status to be revoked after every disappointment, and the development is often slow, and sometimes barely visible. These are the lessons that the cricketing community will need to apply to the next nation which undertakes this journey.

While much of their success can be attributed to an all-round support, the contribution of their skippers has been imperative. In this article, we take a look at Bangladeshi skippers who have recorded the most number of wins.

Leading the pack is veteran Bangladeshi speedster Mashrafe Mortaza. With 30 wins at an astonishing win percentage of 58.82, Mortaza tops the leaderboard with his incredible statistics. The 34-year-old captained the Bangladeshi side to their first ever Champions Trophy semi-final in 2017.

Although he couldn’t pick up more than a couple of wickets in the tournament, his inspirational and motivational leadership earned accolades from the cricketing fraternity. The national hero is closely followed by ex-captain Habibul Bashar who boasts of a win percentage of 42.02.

Dynamic and versatile all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan occupies the third spot with 23 wins. The former ODI and current T20 captain has evolved into one of the legendary cricketers the nation has witnessed. Bangladesh has had many top cricketers but Shakib Al Hasan overshadows them all.

Shakib’s ability to perform in high-intensity situations is what sets him apart from the rest of the flock. Whenever Bangladesh is in need of a wicket, he is the one the whole nation looks up to, whenever Bangladesh need runs on the board, he is the one who carries everyone’s hopes.And time and again, he has proved himself worthy of all the admiration.

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