Stats: Most runs by a batsman in a 3-match Test series

Stats: Most runs by a batsman in a 3-match Test series

However, the statistician's nightmare couldn't go past Brain Lara and Mohammad Yousuf.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

He, who creates, destroyed. Want an example? Look at the 29-year-old skipper of the Indian cricket team, who creates a new record every other day, and thereby shatters and old one, which was probably created by a former legendary cricketer, without showing a tinge of respect.

On Tuesday (December 5), he created another such record. He surpassed the likes of Michael Clarke, Zaheer Abbas and David Warner to score 610 runs in a 3-match Test series, which is the fourth highest in a Test series with that many number of matches.

Previously, Australian opening batsman David Warner was firmly positioned at 4th, who scored 592 runs from 4 matches in the Trans-Tasman Trophy in Australia, that was held in 2015/16. Former Pakistani cricketer Zaheer Abbas was previously sitting at 5th, for scoring 583 runs from 5 innings against his nation’s arch-rivals India during 1978/79.

Michael Clarke has now been kicked out of the Top 6 list. The former Australian skipper was sitting at the 6th position, by virtue of scoring 576 runs in the series against South Africa in 2012/13.

Who are the one whom Kohli couldn’t beat?

Given the current red hot form of the Delhiite, this question is bound to come up. However, there’s no reason for Mohammad Yousuf, Brain Lara and Graham Gooch to be afraid, since their records are safe, as of now at least. However, while Yousuf used 5 innings to score 665 runs, Lara and Gooch both used 6 innings to score 688 and 752 runs respectively.

In this on-going series against Sri Lanka, Kohli has batted for only 5 innings. Had he got the chance to display his charisma for another innings, he surely could have shattered Lara’s record. And who says he could not have scored another 143 runs in an innings to go past the record of the former English skipper? But he has opted for a sabbatical after the on-going Test series, which will leave some records safe for the time being, and some statisticians at peace.

Table: Most runs in a 3-match Test series