Steve Smith shares batting tips with fans amid lockdown

Steve Smith shares batting tips with fans amid lockdown

Steve Smith obliged to requests from fans and shared a video.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Steve Smith loves batting for longer periods of time. His unusual style to leave the balls and the way he shuffles has made many think how he manages to score so many runs. Though it looks a bit weird, he has indeed scored a plethora of runs and one should credit him for the way he has come up the ranks especially in the Test format. To keep him away from picking a bat is extremely tough but the ongoing pandemic forced him to do so.

Australia was under the lockdown for the last month or so which led to even the cricketers staying inside their homes. The cricket team tried playing behind closed doors and took the field accordingly in the first ODI against New Zealand at the SCG. But soon things worsened and the series had to be called off.

However, the situation has improved a bit over the last few days and soon after a few restriction were lifted, picking up a bat was one of the first things done by Steve Smith. He also took this opportunity to train with his wife Dani Willis as the duo posted a few pictures together.

Steve Smith obliges to fans’ requests

Steve Smith got a lot of messages and requests during the lockdown to share some batting tips and obliging to the same, he made a video and posted it on Instagram. In the video, he spoke about the two authentic swings a player has and gave a detailed explanation about one of those. He guided his fans about the shots to play and body balance while playing those shots.

“I’ve had lots of people asking me to share some hints and tips on batting. This video is on what I like to call the first authentic swing. I’ll share the second authentic swing in a few days time. Let me know what else you would like to see,” the caption of the video read.

Here’s the video:

As far as cricket is concerned, Steve Smith will be itching to get back to the field. With a lot of cricket to be played in Australia in the upcoming summer including the T20 World Cup and the Test series against India, he will be hoping to hit the straps soon.