The strategy behind the huge success of Chennai Super Kings

The strategy behind the huge success of Chennai Super Kings

Decoding the success matras of the Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The margin for error in T20 cricket is very less. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of madness to sway the game’s result. In a format where you have to on your toes all while, one team cherished the challenge. That team blossomed under pressure and is a testament to the words – Survival of the Toughest. The team has defied all odds to emerge as one of the most successful teams in the IPL, if not, the most successful.

This team is none other than the Chennai Super Kings, a team that made it to the playoffs eight out of eight times. In a tournament where eight to ten teams complete to be in the top-four, it is never easy to be there every single time. And if you think being in the top-four is tough, this team went one step further. CSK only failed to reach the finals twice out of eight times.

The team that lost most number of finals

Although this is a strong point for the opposition fans while debating about CSK, this is also a point that the CSK fans will be proud of. No other team managed to make it to the finals more than four times. And this record that is being spoken about is out of ten times. But CSK managed to enter the finals six out of eight times. Although they lost four finals, they’d be proud that they lasted all the way till there for so long.

Making an entry back into the IPL this year, the CSK team will be looking to replicate the same kind of success that they had earlier. Coach Stephen Fleming said that their skipper MS Dhoni was very determined to replicate the success they had earlier.

A strong core- A reason for the success

Chennai Super Kings is one team that didn’t change its squad much throughout its eight years. The team always backed its core players and support staff through thick and thin. Coming back this year, it was no different as they again brought their core back together. They’ve created the environment for the players to cherish under pressure and it is always a get-together for its players every year they meet during the IPL.

For Chennai Super Kings, unity is their strength. This is one of the key reasons as to why they evolved to be so successful. Furthermore, they also backed their skipper MS Dhoni to the core and gave him the freedom to express himself out there in the middle. They always backed their young players and stayed with them throughout. Many youngsters would feel it be a dream come true when they get a chance to represent CSK.

Strong Indian players at its disposal

There has always been a particular way how the Chennai Super Kings approached IPL. They always had a surplus of Indian players available in their ranks. These Indian players could win the game on their own on a given day. They always backed every foreign player with an able Indian replacement. Here is where many other teams failed to score. Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, Murali Vijay, Subramaniam Badrinath,  Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravi Jadeja and many other players were always a part of the side.

The CSK also struck by its winning combinations and didn’t change the playing XI’s much. This gave the players the opportunity to prove their mettle and is one of the main reasons why players love playing for CSK. Be it an international player or a domestic player, you are guaranteed a place in the side if you perform well. The management deserves a  pat on the back for their constant support. They have managed to get the best of not-so-great-but-good-enough cricketers.

A stable coaching unit

Stephen  Fleming is the nucleus of the Chennai Super Kings side. He has been constant since the tournament’s induction. Although the batting and bowling coaches changed over time, the management did well to use their services to the maximum. The managements’ role in retaining most of the support staff for this long worked wonders for the team.

Also, they never looked for fancy names for the role of coaching. Steve Rixon, Andy Bichel and many others are not known to be great coaches,  but they know exactly what to do. They have been immaculate decisionmakers over the last few years in the IPL auctions.

Above all, the mastermind behind the stumps!

Chennai Super Kings is the only team to have had only one captain throughout the eight seasons (min. 5 matches). MS Dhoni will also lead the side for the ninth consecutive time this year. He has been the backbone of the Chennai Super Kings over the years. Be it with the bat or with his strategies, he was always a mastermind. He has helped many players emerge on to the international scene and showed some great confidence in them. Dhoni also helped build the careers of players like Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo and others.

He led the team by example and gave the players the freedom to express themselves. Not tinkering around too much with the captain also worked wonders for the franchise. MS also shares a great camaraderie with Stephen Fleming. Under MS Dhoni’s leadership, the franchise never fancied big T20 names like Chris Gayle. He has helped them be stable even in the toughest of times and ensured that the core is always together.

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