'Stump mic must be on' - Tim Paine teases Marnus Labuschagne over Andrew Symonds' 'hog pile' comment

‘Stump mic must be on’ – Tim Paine teases Marnus Labuschagne over Andrew Symonds’ ‘hog pile’ comment

Hilarious from Tim Paine.

Tim Paine, Marnus Labuschagne and Matthew Wade
Tim Paine, Marnus Labuschagne and Matthew Wade. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Marnus Labuschagne and his mannerisms are weird. The batsman is up to his ‘own’ things in the middle and indulges in several movements when he is occupying the crease. While it might not be pretty, it has certainly been effective for the Aussie No.3 as he has so far scored 1752 runs in his Test career and averages more than 60 from 29 innings so far (including his numbers in SCG Test).

Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds were caught on air making fun of Marnus Labuschagne after Day 2 of the first Test between India and Australia. Warne had also allegedly used the ‘F’ word on air, with Symonds bringing up the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as well. Symonds had also stated that Labuschagne should be given the hog pile.

“Do something now to his ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) f***ing pills. We’ll have to give him the hog pile. Mate, if you keep that shit up we’re going to have to squash your guts up your arse,” Symonds had said on air with both the former teammates sharing a hearty laugh over the issue.

Warne, on his part, was clearly irritated with the way Labuschagne acts at the crease. He admitted that Labuschagne’s batting was really annoying.

“Yeah, f***. Jeez, it’s annoying. ‘No!!!’ Just f***ing bat properly,” Warne was quoted as saying on air.

Tim Paine takes up the matter on the field

However, the matter does not end there. Australian skipper Tim Paine took up the same matter on Day 4 of the third Test between India and Australia. Paine was caught on the stump mic stating that when Labuschagne completes a hundred Test matches, Paine would be in the commentary box alongside Symonds and Warne and discussing hog piling. Paine also jokingly stated that Labuschagne should take Warne’s and Symonds’ advice.

“When you’re 100 Tests in, and I’m commentating, it’s going to be exactly the same. I’m going to be sitting there with Roy [Symonds] and Warnie saying the same thing. Hogpiling. I’ll be coaching you in 10 years you’ll be playing and I’ll be saying, if you had taken Warnie and Roy’s advice back in the start, you wouldn’t be in this situation,” Paine was caught saying on the stump mic.

“Stump mic must be on,” replied Labuschagne.

You can enjoy the entire video here:

On his part, Labuschagne has had a good Test match with the willow. Australia’s No.3 scored half-centuries in both the innings of the third Test as Australia set India a target of 407 for victory with one full day left in the match. India closed Day 4 with their scorecard reading 98/2. With that being said, the kangaroos have their noses ahead going into the final day of the Sydney Test.