Sunil Gavaskar furious over the claims of Ramchandra Guha

Sunil Gavaskar furious over the claims of Ramchandra Guha

The former member of COA wrote a letter to the chairman of COA Vinod Rai commenting on the integrity of Sunil Gavaskar.

Sunil Gavaskar
Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/Getty Images)

Sunil Gavaskar is a batting legend who has served India in various capacities. He has been the president of the BCCI for a span of two months. He has also been in the advisory committee and also is a well-known commentator. However, Ramchandra Guha, a member of Committee of Administrators, who resigned recently has questioned the Indian batting legend.

The former member of COA wrote a letter to the chairman Vinod Rai questioned the integrity of Sunil Gavaskar. Guha in his letter stated that Supreme Court has apparently “failed” in confronting the conflict of interest which involves former players like Gavaskar. He also wrote that the little master’s role as a commentator is in conflict with him leading a player management company.

Gavaskar left furious over the claims

Gavaskar was absolutely furious over the claims made by Guha. He was confused and disappointed by comments of the historian. He said that he has tried to serve the Indian cricket in all the ways possible and Indian cricket has done him more favors than he has.

“I’m very, very disappointed if anyone is doubting my integrity. I do not have a conflict of interest. It’s baffling to find my integrity has been questioned. Show me one instance where I have tried to influence the selection committee.

“Indian cricket has done more for me than I have done for it. It’s very disappointed that they are doubting my integrity and contribution to Indian cricket,” the 67-year-old said while talking to NDTV.

He explained that he has been connected with the Indian cricket for a long time and has played different roles. “I am absolutely confused as to where the conflict arises. What disappoints me really is that I have been with whatever ability I have, trying to serve the Indian cricket in my own way as a player, then as an administrator for a little time with the cricket committee, the technical committee and I was there for two months as the BCCI president,” Sunny added.

Gavaskar backs MS Dhoni

Guha in his letter also talked about MS Dhoni’s Grade A contract. He said that the man from Ranchi does not deserve an A grade contract as he does not represent India in all three formats of the game. However, Gavaskar rubbished all the statements stating that MS Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket cannot be questioned.

“MS Dhoni got Grade ‘A’ contract because he is a superb player. How can you question Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket? If there is a superstar culture, then there is also a jealousy culture,” he said.

“Jealousy culture at people who have done something for Indian cricket, continue to do something for Indian cricket that they should not be allowed to do something for Indian cricket and those who have not done anything for Indian cricket, who have got a peripheral connection with Indian cricket should be allowed to do something,” Gavaskar explained.