Suresh Raina reveals the biggest secret of MS Dhoni

Suresh Raina reveals the biggest secret of MS Dhoni

“He (Dhoni) is a very good game leader. He knows what’s going to happen next."

Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni.
Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

The returning Indian cricketer Suresh Raina has revealed that MS Dhoni was not as cool a captain of Team India while on the field. The former Indian skipper stepped down from his position in the limited overs cricket in January earlier this year. He is the only captain in the World to have won all the championships in the limited overs format of the game. However, Raina also shared a few candid moments on the field with the coolest captain of India.

Dhoni doesn’t express his anger

Suresh Raina revealed few of the insights of Dhoni as a skipper while speaking to TV presenter Gaurav Kapoor on the show ‘Breakfast with Champions’. He cleared that Mahi doesn’t express his anger on the field and it’s impossible for others to see it coming. “You cannot read it from his face that what is he thinking. He does get angry at times but he doesn’t express. After the end of any over when the cameras go off and ads are on TV, he then speaks like Sudhar jaa tu,” he said.

He also recalled an incident in the game against Pakistan saying, “Once in an India vs Pakistan match, Umar Akmal complaint to Dhoni that I was abusing him. When Dhoni asked me what happened, then I said that I was just throwing a few balls and putting pressure on them. Mahi Bhai bole, aur de s**le ko (MS Dhoni asked me to put more pressure on them).” The 30-year-old was all praise of Dhoni’s ability to lead the team.

“He (Dhoni) is a very good game leader. He knows what’s going to happen next. He keeps 3 plans, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, ready all the time. He carries all of them during the play. He strategizes the things a night before and executes according to the situation, And that makes him calm and cool. Like whenever he moves down to the crease and defends the ball instead of hitting a shot, he actually warns the bowler that he has stepped and didn’t hit that means he could do it anytime, beware!,” Raina added.

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