Sydney gets an opportunity to dine with Sachin Tendulkar

Sydney gets an opportunity to dine with Sachin Tendulkar

Sydney gets an opportunity to dine with Sachin Tendulkar: The Indian Cricket team is scheduled to play the mighty South Africans in Melbourne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It will be the biggest test for India before the knock out stages which further ups the importance of this match. For additional pressure of expectations on the Indian team, the God of cricket and a former member of the team Sachin Tendulkar is all set to fly down to Australia to watch the team play.

As he is going to Australia, there are other event commitments waiting for Master Blaster as well. The most iconic restaurant that the city of Sydney has, has organized for an exclusive dinner with Sachin Tendulkar for round about 60 selected fans. But as every good thing comes at a richer cost, to dine with the legend you will have to spend about 1500 to 3000 Australian Dollars.

The VVIP dinner is organized on the 26th of February. And if reports are to be believed it is filling in really fast and second though could well add you in the waiting list.

The organizers are over whelmed at the response they are receiving form the fans, so much is the excitement for this dinner that even they are really looking forward to it.

Almost a dozen lucky people (who are willing to shell out 3000 Australian Dollars) will be seated on the same table with the master and will get to engage with him, share thoughts, dialogue and much more in the session of around an hour and half where cocktails, drinks, entries, main and desert will all be served to the Guest of honor and the other guests.

Other tables will have eight people on it and everybody present will be served some premium vine and other spirits.

This is not all; the guests present there will get to ask their questions to Sachin Tendulkar apart from an interview which will be conducted by the organizing association. Sachin is also believed to be presenting those present with his recently released autobiography, signed by him.

So if you are a Sachin Tendulkar fan, Sydney is the place to be in. (Also Watch : India vs South Africa the Mauka match advertisement)