Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019-20: Semi-final scenarios ahead of the final day of Super League matches

Here we look at all the qualification scenarios for the final day in the Super League phase.

Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Super League stage of the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy is set to end on Wednesday where eight teams will be in action in search of a spot in the semi-finals. The Group A team Haryana is the only side to have sealed their semi-final berth among the ten teams across both the Groups. Karnataka still not have confirmed their spot in the knockouts even being on the top of Group B with three wins.

However, Punjab and Jharkhand in Group B are the only teams that are officially out of the semis race. Tamil Nadu and Mumbai are in the semi-final fight alongside Karnataka from Group B. When it comes to Group A, the race is between Baroda, Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Haryana has sealed their top spot with three wins while Baroda is the only other side to have won more than one game in that Group.

Here we look at all the qualification scenarios for the final day in the Super League phase:

(Note: Head-to-Head record in the tournament is considered ahead of NRR)

Scenarios in Group B:

Suryakumar Yadav
Suryakumar Yadav. (Photo Source: Twitter)

1. Karnataka:

Having played all their four matches, Karnataka will be limited as spectators on the final day of Super League. The only scenario that will stop Karnataka from being part of knockouts is the big wins for both Tamil Nadu and Mumbai.

Tamil Nadu requires to beat Jharkhand by at least 33 runs or have to complete the chase with 20+ balls to spare for moving past Karnataka’s NRR. At the same time, Mumbai has to beat Punjab by at least 88 runs or finish the chase in less than ten overs.

2. Tamil Nadu:

The result of Tamil Nadu’s match against Jharkhand will be irrelevant if Mumbai loses to Punjab. All Mumbai, Punjab and Tamil Nadu will be tied on 4 points if Jharkhand also beats Tamil Nadu. In the head-to-head scenario, Tamil Nadu goes through as they defeated both Punjab and Mumbai.

There is an outside chance of Tamil Nadu not qualifying for the semis even if they finish with six points. For that to happen, Mumbai has to beat Punjab by a margin of higher than 53 runs. Hence, to be on the safer side, Tamil Nadu has to beat Jharkhand by 33+ runs or chase the target with 20+ balls to spare. This will help them to go ahead of Karnataka’s NRR.

3. Mumbai:

Mumbai’s chances of qualifying to the semi-finals will mostly rely on the result of Tamil Nadu-Jharkhand match. If Tamil Nadu goes down against Jharkhand, Mumbai has to win against Punjab irrespective of the margin. However, the calculators will be out for Mumbai if Tamil Nadu defeats Jharkhand.

Tamil Nadu winning against Jharkhand by 1-run or completing the chase on the last ball:

Mumbai has to beat Punjab by a margin of 53 and more runs or chase down the target with at least 40 balls to go past Tamil Nadu’s NRR. Mumbai’s victory margin scenario will increase with respect to Tamil Nadu’s winning margin.

Tamil Nadu surpassing Karnataka’s NRR with the win against Jharkhand:

Mumbai has to beat Punjab by least 88 runs or chase down the target in less than 10 overs to go past Karnataka’s NRR of +0.762.


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