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Virat Kohli
5 lesser known records Virat Kohli created in Indian colours

Here are the five lesser-known records that Virat Kohli has created while playing for India.

Cecil Wright
5 Cricketers who played the game for a very long time

Age is just a number, indeed it is.

10 cricketers and the cost of their luxurious houses

These cricketers from Australia and India really know how to use their hard-earned money as they are proud owners of some of the most lavish properties. The figures may vary according to the current market price.

10 Cricketers who got into trouble because of alcohol issues

Alcoholism almost derailed the path of many cricketers.

North Mumbai Panthers
T20 Mumbai League 2019: Best XI of the tournament

Not just the recognized names, there are quite a few hard-working players who earned prominence this season.

Ridhima Pathak
5 Female presenters in World Cup 2019

There are a few familiar faces and some new introductions as well for the World Cup this time.

India World Cup 2019 jersey
Team India jersey rating for World Cups since 1992

The Men in Blue frequently change their attire for different events taking note of the evolution of World Cup jerseys will merit the technology development.

Rishabh Pant
Five cricketers who rose through personal tragedies

It is tough defying tragedies and still continue with the ebb and flow to grow as the cricketers.

AB de Villiers
ICC World Cup 2019: 10 legends of the game who never won the trophy

Some writers often describe the trophy to be unlucky to not get wrapped in the hands of some cricketers and honestly, it is not completely exaggerated.

Andre Russell
5 Batsmen who can hit a yorker for a six

To hit a six off a yorker needs an unusually high level of skill.