Team Wise Most Successful ODI Captains

Team Wise Most Successful ODI Captains

Team Wise Most Successful ODI Captains: Modern day cricket has evolved to become more strategic. Day by day as the rules of the game are modified, advanced ideologies and new tactics have emerged. Decisions regarding team selection, field placements, bowling changes and changes in batting order depending on the state of the match are vital in determining the fate of the match. So the captain plays an indispensable role in a team’s victory.

Now let’s take a look at the list of Team Wise Most Successful ODI Captains

10. William Porterfield – (Ireland) 28:

William Porterfield
William Porterfield. (Photo Source: Associated Press)

Porterfield, the Irish skipper has registered 28 wins with an appreciable win percent of 43.75. During his tenure Ireland has made steady progress to become a side capable of causing upsets. Their famous World cup win against England in 2011 is a paradigm of their ability. Porterfield has impressed with 2,566 runs in ODI despite the lack of opportunities to play international matches at a regular basis.