The Indian Pace Bowling Profligacy

The Indian Pace Bowling Profligacy

For long, indian cricket has been marred by the shortage of fast bowling stocks.
Shortage of good quality fast bowlers has hindered the growth of an immensely talented team, it has been a chronic issue that needs serious attention. It is important to realise that india can effect unprecedented dominance over world cricket if this one aspect of its cricket is improved. First things first, what is the role of a fast bowler in the game of cricket? As an ardent cricket fan any individual would say, taking wickets!!
1.Have the Indian fast bowlers forgotten to take wickets?
2.When was the last time they planned a dismissal and effected it with confidence?
3.Why do our bowlers always look to contain the batsmen and eventually end up getting bludgeoned all over the park?
4.Is bowling line and length, hitting the top of off the only thing we have learnt?
5.Are the variations in pace the only way to fox the batsmen?

A lot of interrogation from experts and fans alike, and for years Indian cricket is searching for this answer, but the answer clearly lies in the way our bowlers play the game, wicket taking has always taken a back seat, building pressure and waiting for the batsmen to make mistakes is the preferred way of operating.


Attacking a batsman, testing his technique, letting him know that someone is looking to send him back to the pavilion and the only reason for him being on the field is to get the batsman out. It is not the “ability” but the “attitude” that matters. Since decades Indian fast bowlers have dreamt of running through batting line ups, intimidate the opposition and demoralise them with considerable hostility.
They have always sought after improving their abilities, but the attitude has remained the same

Who is to blame?
Appointing bowling coaches, teaching them to improve their action, run up and grip will only produce bowlers who will increase their abilities, but it is the attitude that will make them successful.
The great West Indian fast bowlers had one thing in common, they always looked to get the batsman out, each delivery they ran up and put their bodies and minds into getting the batsman out, planning a wicket and dominating the batsman
Containing was never their modus operandi.

Arguably India’s greatest fast bowlers till date, Kapil Dev and Zaheer Khan had this trait. The wil power and sheer hunger to dismiss the batsman, to be able to think and outsmart a batsman with sheer force of determination, sending across a message to the batsman by their mere presence that they are here to fight fire with fire gave them the edge, and we have the results to see for ourselves.

The current indian pace battery is deprived of this attitude, they appear to be but are never in the contest.
We can produce fast bowlers who are match winners, we can get rid off this conundrum, we can dominate world cricket but the “attitude” needs to be changed because “ability” can also come with experience, attitude never will.