The Pathan family aiding orphans in Baroda towards better education

The Pathan family in their initiative to give back to the society has financially adopted several children across Baroda.

Yusuf, Irfan and their father during the meet-up.

Irfan and Yusuf Pathan are pretty well known in Indian cricket for their on-field exploits. Both the brothers made the nation proud with their performances for the Men in Blue from time to time. Now, as they serve IPL and Indian domestic cricket in different capacities, they are in the meantime also giving it back to the community.

The Pathan family in their initiative to give back to the society has financially adopted several children across Baroda. Most of them are students hail from different schools, three of them where the brothers studied themselves. Among them are O L Pandya, RK High Pandya, MES Boys MES Girls and Atmajyoti School


They take care of the financial needs of at least 10 students from each school most of whom are orphans. To take this a step forward and not only restrict it to monetary aid, this time, they organised a meet and greet event. The Pathans met the kids, encouraged them to study well and gave a small talk to motivate them for the future. The children, as well as teachers, were very happy to meet Irfan and Yusuf Pathan.

Yusuf and Irfan with the students and teachers.

Their contribution goes beyond schooling as they are also supporting higher education of students who show promise and potential to do well but lack the money to pay for the fees. They have supported three promising students who are now studying in different engineering colleges and setting themselves up for a future out of the clutches of poverty.

Yusuf signing autographs for the excited kids.

Mehmood Khan S Pathan Foundation

The Mehmood Khan S Pathan Foundation was established in 2007-08. It focuses on helping the underprivileged and economically backward segment of the society with assistance to procure better education, health care and also aids those affected by natural calamities.

Girls making their day special by taking Irfan’s autograph as added memorabilia.

Along with that, the foundation also organises group marriages for those who cannot afford the expense of marriage. Another area where they work is for the widows who are insufficient to survive on their own, they are provided with regular food supplies to make their lives easier.

All cheerful Irfan poses for poses for a picture with the students and their teacher.

Their efforts are not only restricted to this but the Pathans have also assisted people in the nearby villages for the construction of toilets, an initiative that has been extensively highlighted in the country in the last few years.

Another round of autograph signing for Irfan.

When flash floods struck Uttarakhand and killed hundreds of pilgrims who were on their way to the Kedarnath temple the entire nation came ahead to support rehabilitate life back to normal. The Pathan family had also extended their support and donated an anonymous amount in the relief project through a foundation.

Right before Irfan gave a talk to the girls and inspired them to do well in their academics and life.