The umpiring fraternity in Mumbai raises funds to provide economic help to the local umpires and scorers

So far, Rs 2.5 lakh have been raised for the cause.

Wankhede Stadium
Wankhede Stadium. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many sectors of the society has taken a hit. The 21-day lockdown has restricted even happening of local cricket matches across the nation. Due to this, many umpires and scorers who are often seen officiating in local matches in Mumbai are going through a tough time financially. Some of them are solely dependant on these local cricket matches for their livelihoods.

But, the umpires and scorers can now breath a sigh of relief. Ganesh Iyer, former BCCI umpire and ex-managing committee member of Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is leading a team of umpires who have decided to help the local officials. It has been revealed that Iyer, along with many other umpires, has opened a relief fund for the local umpires and scorers.


“We, umpires have formed a group ‘Lending a Hand’ to help umpires and scorers whose livelihood depends on cricket,” Iyer was quoted saying by India Today on Thursday. “We appealed to the members to contribute voluntarily. We have also identified those scorers and umpires, whose livelihood is dependent on local matches,” he added.

47 Umpires and 12 scorers to get INR 3,000 each by Friday

Iyer said that the top-level council members of the Mumbai Cricket Association have also contributed. He informed that the total contribution had reached INR 2.5 lakh until now and the process will continue. “Till now we have been successful in raising Rs 2.5 lakh and the process of raising funds will continue. A few of the current Apex Council members of the Mumbai Cricket Association have also chipped in generously”, Iyer said.

The fraternity has decided to give an amount of INR 3,000 to each of the scorers and umpires. “By Friday, 47 umpires and 15 scorers — a total 62 persons, would have been given the first amount of Rs 3000 each, the process of payment began yesterday through credits directly into their bank accounts and the next instalments (would be given) in next 7-10 days,” he further said.

Iyer also informed that some of the umpires and scorers didn’t take the money. He said that they refused the money as they had kids who are well settled and asked the authorities to give the money to the needy instead of them.

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