‘There are kids who are watching him’ – Deep Dasgupta asks Virat Kohli to choose his words and gestures carefully

‘There are kids who are watching him’ – Deep Dasgupta asks Virat Kohli to choose his words and gestures carefully

Dasgupta said that being a role model, Virat shouldn't get carried away with his actions.

Virat Kohli and Deep Dasgupta
Virat Kohli and Deep Dasgupta. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

In India, it’s not too long out of the cradle before a child reaches out to hold a bat. Thus in a country that craves the sport, often many of the youngsters look up to the cricketers as their inspiration and role model. Opening up about the same, Deep Dasgupta believes that India’s captain Virat Kohli should be a bit more careful about his gestures on the field.

Kohli is often the one who is known for bringing in a lot of passion and aggression on the field. Taking this into consideration, Dasgupta pointed that Kohli’s energy on the field gets him going and motivates him to do better but off-field, he is one of the calmest people he has known.

‘Having said that, Dasgupta was asked in a Q&A session on his YouTube channel about Kohli’s ‘shush finger’ celebration where he put up Kohli’s attitude and stated that he agrees that Kohli sometimes gets carried away.

“You talked about him being there as a captain. Yes, he’s the ambassador of the country, especially when you are playing outside India… As I said, I wasn’t in Southampton so I don’t know how he behaved… I agree (he needs to choose his words and gestures in the right way), some of the things, I know he gets carried away. As you said, there are kids who are watching him, he’s a role model for millions of kids and I agree with that,” said Dasgupta about Kohli.

Neil Wagner’s revelation on Virat Kohli’s celebration

Virat Kohli is a captain who is known to give it back. He has always led the team from the front and has been seen motivating the players while constantly talking to them or giving them inputs. Amidst this, if the opposition gets involved in any sledging, Kohli has made sure he does the needful.

Whether it’s giving a subtle reply or even praising the opposition at times he has never shied from doing what he feels is right. Thus talking about Kohli’s gesture, the New Zealand pacer Neil Wagner had stated that the crowd tried to get under his skin.

The speedster talked about this incident in a press conference post the World Test Championship Final. The crowd at Southampton was singing a song that made Kohli reply to them.

“Yes, the crowd started singing Zombie… They were singing, ‘In your head Kohli, in your head Kohli, Kohli.’ So they were trying to get under Kohli’s skin a little bit and Kohli kept giving it around, giving them the shush fingers.”