There is plenty of young talent in Pakistan: Mudassar Nazar

There is plenty of young talent in Pakistan: Mudassar Nazar

Mudassar Nazar
Mudassar Nazar. (Photo by David Munden/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Former Pakistan Test allrounder Mudassar Nazar left a high-paying position at the ICC Global Academy in Dubai to join the PCB as the countries new Director of Cricket Academies. After taking over Mudassar is practical in accepting that there is no instant fix to the problems Pakistan cricket is facing and it will take its due time to get back into shape.

Despite that Nazar sounded confident the Academies have the potential of producing three to four new players for the country every year. He said, “There is still plenty of young talent in the country we just need to make the National Cricket Academy and the regional academies more effective and productive to discover and groom these youngsters”,

He also said that it’s a huge challenge for him and he accepts it and that short-term fixes haven’t really helped Pakistan cricket over the years.

“There is lot of work to be done which is why I accepted this new position as a big challenge. We need to improve our pitches and domestic structure.We need to start using quality cricket balls. We need to refocus on young and raw talent simply because other cricket nations have adapted to the changing times and the use of technology in cricket and made progress we unfortunately have wasted resources and have lot of catching up to do,” Mudassar said.

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He has been the coach of the Pakistan A and senior teams before and was also a part of the NCA before switching over to the ICC in Dubai. The former Pakistan Test allrounder also said that with the hectic cricketing schedule in modern day cricket Pakistan soon needs to start classifying talents good enough for the international level with regularity.

“We have to remember that a young talent has to pass through a proper cycle to come to the fore and it takes years to develop a proper cycle which has been missing in Pakistan cricket for sometime now.”

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“But all that will be done after talking to the board officials and my first priority is to revive competitive under-19 cricket in all 16 regions which should all have their own academies,” Mudassar Nazar said.