'To promote it is absolutely ridiculous' - Waqar Younis bashes Justin Langer for lauding Warner's double-bounce six

‘To promote it is absolutely ridiculous’ – Waqar Younis bashes Justin Langer for lauding Warner’s double-bounce six

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in the game of cricket, Langer had said appreciating Warner's "presence of mind".

Waqar Younis and Justin Langer
Waqar Younis and Justin Langer. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Former Pakistan skipper Waqar Younis slammed Australia Head Coach Justin Langer for lauding David Warner’s “presence of mind” in hitting a double-bounce Mohammad Hafeez no-ball for six during the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup against Pakistan.

Even as Warner show quick instincts and immense power to send the ball sailing into stands despite it having no pace on what whatsoever, his decision sparked the “spirit of the cricket” debate, with opinions divided on whether or not a batter should take advantage of an involuntary mistake from a bowler.

“Oh my gosh, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in the game of cricket,” Langer had said while talking about Warner’s six. “I can’t believe anyone would have the instincts to do that — it was unbelievable. In fact, most people probably would’ve been not sure what to do … it was a no-ball, and to have the talent and ability to hit it for six — unbelievable,” he added.

However, Waqar Younis termed Langer’s take to “promote such a thing” as “absolutely ridiculous. “It’s fine. It was legal. He had the right to hit it and he did. That’s all good. But promoting it is wrong. The way Justin Langer praised it by saying things like ‘Brilliant presence of mind, I’ve never seen anything like this on the cricket pitch’, is ridiculous. That is not right. What are you teaching the little kids? Fine, it is your mindset… You play how you want to but don’t promote this kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour for the kids who are playing and watching,” Waqar said on A Sports.

Waqar did not mince his words and bashed Langer over his decision to not walk when he edged a ball during the Hobart Test in 1999 despite being aware. “Langer himself has a history of questionable behaviour; back in 1990, we played a Test match against Australia at Hobart. We were on track to win the Test but Langer did not walk after edging the ball. It was the biggest edge sound I have ever heard. He later admitted that he edged it but did not walk when it mattered,” he concluded.