Top 10 Batsmen with most fours in ODI cricket

Top 10 Batsmen with most fours in ODI cricket

Top 10 Batsmen with most fours in ODI cricket: Batting in limited overs cricket today is all about scoring runs, and runs at good pace. Batsmen improvise, maneuver, and play those cheeky shots, risk taking has increased and so has the amount of runs being scored. The excitement, challenge and competition that has risen in ODI cricket in the past decade has played a role in the formation of this section which we call ‘Top 10 Batsmen with most fours in ODI cricket’

Scoring boundaries comes natural; these are batsmen who are aggressive with their instinct. Some of them might wait for the loose deliveries to take the charge but most of them just go for the kill. This most four scorers include the likes of text-book batsmen like the batting legend Sachin Tendulkar. Kumar Sangakkara, Brian Lara, Mahela Jayawardene who are among the classy lot of batsmen.

most fours in odi cricket
Virender Sehwag finds him self at No.6 in Top 10 Batsmen with most fours in ODI cricket. (Photo Source: AFP)

Along with them also the hard hitters, the ruthless mean killers of the good balls. The batsmen of modern-day cricket those who have worn over the trend to respect the good balls with defensive shots and grapple up the loose ones. The likes of Jayasuriya’s, Sehwag’s, Ganguly’s would nail the balls into the advertising boards no matter how the ball was.

Gilchrist the great Australian Wicket-keeper was also their premier opener and along with Mathew Hayden gave the team best of starts. Then there is also Chris Gayle the modern-day bowler’s nightmare. He can on his day destroy any bowling line up and collect as many boundaries as he wishes.

Fours are an easier way, along with being quick accommodator of runs, all you need is a smart cricketing brain, awareness of the situation and even a deft touch fetches you and your team four important runs. There are so many shots that make it to the fence, the straight drive which is among the most visually pleasing strokes in cricket, to the lofted shots which clear the infield and makes its way out.

Here is the list of Top 10 batsmen with most fours in ODI :

Name Mat Inns Runs 4s HS
1.S Tendulkar (India) 463 452 18426 2016 200*
2.S Jayasuriya (SL) 445 433 13430 1500 189
3.K Sangakkara (SL) 383 360 12918 1250 169
4.R Ponting (Aus) 375 365 13704 1231 164
5.A Gilchrist (Aus) 287 279 9619 1162 172
6.V Sehwag (India) 251 245 8273 1132 219
7.S Ganguly (India) 311 300 11363 1122 183
8.M Jayawardene (SL) 428 401 12036 1055 144
9.B Lara (WI) 299 289 10405 1035+ 169
10.C Gayle (WI) 258 253 8810 1013 153*

*All stats updated till 25th Nov 2014.