• Top 10 bowlers with most wickets in 10 Tests or less

    most wickets in 10 Tests
    Yasir Shah. (© Getty Images)

    Top 10 bowlers with most wickets in 10 Tests or less: Yasir Shah continues to create milestones with his leg spin in Test Cricket. As of latest, the Pakistani made into top 10 wicket takers at end of their first 10 tests or less.

    With the 5-wicket haul against Sri Lanka in 1st innings of the ongoing 3rd Test, Yasir Shah now has 59 wickets who is playing in his 10th Test. It was his 5th 5-wicket haul in Test Cricket.

    England’s Ton Richardson holds the record for picking the most wickets in the first 10 Test matches as he had 71 wickets at end of his 10th test.

    Yasir Shah is the only right arm leggie in this Top 10 list as the 3 other spinners in this list are slow left arm orthodox bowlers. Out of those, West Indian Alf Valentine has the most wickets at end of 10 Tests as he picked up 62 wickets. Other spinners in this list are John Ferris, who played for Australia and England had 61 wickets and Australia’s Bert Ironmonger managed to pick 59 wickets, same as Yasir Shah.

    John Ferris played only 9 Tests in his Test career with the first 8 Tests he played was for Australia, all against England in which he picked up 48 wickets and he played his last Test match against South Africa for England in which he picked 13 wickets.

    Yasir Shah still can bowl in 2nd innings and possibly he can finish in Top 5 or even Top 3 in the list of most wicket takers after 10 Tests.

    Except Vernon Philander, who picked 65 wickets in his first 10 Tests, no other bowler who debuted in 21st Century before Yasir Shah managed to pick up 59 or more wickets in first 10 Tests they played.

    West Indies’ pacer Andy Roberts is the latest of all the bowler in this list who played before 2000. However, his 10th Test was played in 1975 almost 40 years from now.

    Here is the list of Top 10 bowlers with most wickets in 10 Tests or less:

    Player name Country Wickets Matches
    Tom Richardson England 71 10
    Charlie Turner Australia 69 10
    Maurice Tate England 65 10
    Vernon Philander South Africa 63 10
    Alf Valentine West Indies 62 10
    John Ferris Australia and England 61 9
    Bobby Peel England 60 10
    Andy Roberts West Indies 60 10
    Bert Ironmonger Australia 59 10
    Yasir Shah Pakistan 59 10*