Top 5 captains with most wins in ODIs chasing

Top 5 captains with most wins in ODIs chasing

Chasing down totals in cricket is as tough as coming back to win a game from three or four goals down in a foot ball game. The team batting second though knows how much exactly they need to score and at what rate but are under constant pressure to achieve that. The asking rate shoots up at times and more often then not teams crumble and fail to chase than do it successfully. It is the reason a chase is given so much importance, so here are the captains who have won most games with their teams chasing in ODI’s. Top 5 captains with most wins in ODI’s chasing.

At the top of this statistical feature is Ricky Ponting and his Australia team, the dominating, cruising team under Ponting won 64 ODIs while following the target set by their opponents. It was one of the features of their team and was one of the prominent reasons they won three back to back World Cups. They were not only good at setting but also chased down big totals.

Following them is Stefan Fleming of New Zealand, one of the best skippers that the kiwi’s have had Fleming won 56 ODI’s as captain batting second. Fleming and his ODI team are at the second position of Top 5 captains with most wins in ODIs chasing

Next up at no. 3 is MS Dhoni present Indian captain and another World Champion skipper, like Ponting a prominent reason why Dhoni’s team won the 2011 World Cup was that they chased beautifully. He has 52 wins behind him and is going quite good to take over the reigns from Ponting soon, as he is also the only active player among the lot. It is a part of his style of captaincy to let the opposition bat first set them a target then go out all guns blazing and chase it. India is also the most successful team when it comes to chasing scores in access of 300.

The 4th and the 5th position is held by Arjuna Ranatunga of Sri Lanka with 50 wins and a tied last spot by Mohammad Azharuddin of India and Gremme Smith of South Africa who have 49 wins a piece.

Stats Here :

1.Ricky Ponting (Aus) 64 ODIs

2.Stephen Fleming (NZ) 56 ODIs

3.MS Dhoni (Ind) 52 ODIs

4.Ranatunga (SL) 50 ODIs

5.Mohd Azharuddin (Ind)/Graeme Smith (SA) 49 ODIs.

stats updated till 01/09/2014