Top 5 players taking maximum catches in IPL

Top 5 players taking maximum catches in IPL

The Indian Premier League guarantees you one thing that is action, action and more action. In IPL it is about making it count whatever and however you do it is not the concern one can simply not exclude themselves from this. Yes, it may surely be batsmen’s game but when the batsmen make mistakes, the fielders are all set and just wait for a chance to take advantage. There have been excellent fielders in IPL who have changed the course of game by the way of fielding and stunning catches has astonished almost the entire cricketing universe.  There have also been fielders who have shined almost in every match taking numerous catches per match. Crictracker brings “Top 5 players with maximum catches in IPL” in the reverse order. Have a look.

5. Kieron Pollard

West Indies have always known to produce one of the best fielders in the world. Kieron Pollard also being from West Indies falls in this category. This West Indies giant is a complete energetic body on the field. The way he fields and the way he executes every catch is majestic. He has taken 34 catches in 62 matches with a maximum of 2 catches in a game. This Mumbai Indian star has taken full advantage of his coach Jhonty Rhodes who was himself the best fielder of the world. With his energetic performance perfect diving abilities, his team would surely be in sheer advantage. He is 5th in this list of Top 5 players with maximum catches in IPL”.


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