Twitter Reactions: MS Dhoni's brilliance stuns Ross Taylor

Twitter Reactions: MS Dhoni’s brilliance stuns Ross Taylor

MS Dhoni (Photo Source: Twitter)
MS Dhoni (Photo Source: Twitter)

A resurgent New Zealand side was cruising to a total anticipated by many to go well past 250 in the penultimate game considering the hurriedly confident start given by Martin Guptill who raced to his 50 off just 56 balls and went on to score 72.

New Zealand cruised into the middle overs of the innings but while making their way to the 35-40 over phase, were road-blocked by some disciplined bowling from the spinners particularly Amit Mishra. MS Dhoni’s frantic hand gesturing was symbol enough that he didn’t want to take it to last game of the series with it being labeled as the decider of the series.

A death stare given to Axar Patel who while fielding in the deep threw one casually to the bowler’s end which coincidentally spun away from the fielder with Axar Patel screening a cheeky grin in response to the mishap. Dhoni, of course, wasn’t tickled by the comic element of the incident and his stare would have been enough to set Axar Patel right in his tracks.

A number of run-out opportunities presented themselves and Dhoni with his self-improvised skill-set no less than a bag of magic tricks which has won him many surprise run-outs in the past wasn’t going to let a chance-slip by without trying. Ross Taylor having constricted himself into playing the waiting game unlike his natural game was waiting to unleash the slog sweep on the leg-side.

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Taylor heaved one away on the on-side but found a fielder in the deep, his scampering would have been enough to get the second run but Dhoni of course improvised and while catching the ball in front of the stumps, perhaps made use of a mystical third eye and threw the ball behind his back which found the stumps and created a moment hard to forget but one which Dhoni has habitually put on display a number of times.

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