Twitter Reactions: Trent Boult takes the best catch of the season!

This might as well be the best catch ever in the IPL.

Trent Boult
Trent Boult takes a stunning catch. (Photo Source: Twitter)

He has taken some stunning catches in international cricket as well as in the Indian Premier League (IPL) but this was something else. New Zealand pacer Trent Boult took a mind boggling catch to dismiss Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli on the boundary ropes. He was stunned having completed that one successfully, Kohli couln’t believe that was a catch and the crowd reacted as if they’d seen a ghost.

Former RCB player Harshal Patel’s over had already yielded the Royal Challengers 10 runs and the last ball was a full toss, knee high and on Kohli’s pads. As an instinctive movement he just whipped it. The ball took a trajectory good enough to sail all the way. It had the muscle behind it to go all the way though a little flatter. There was a fielder at deep square leg but looked good to beat him.


As the ball travelled out of his bat and towards the stands there was a certain Trent Boult who had some other plans. He was a few steps inside from the ropes, he took a leap outstretched his hand up and managed to get a better part of his fingers behind the ball. He pulled it into his palm and went down. The momentum of his jump and that of the ball slid him with it.

Boult now had to make sure he didn’t touch the ropes or everything would’ve been down the drain. His head went beyond the ropes but he had pulled his hands really close to his chest and they were well within when his body finally stopped.

He got up and claimed the catch. Nobody could or wanted to believe it. The umpires went upstairs and the TV umpire after a couple of replays could easily conclude that it was a clean catch and in fact we had just witnessed the best catch of the season. It might as well be the best we have seen ever in the IPL.

Here is how Twitterati reacted to this magnificent effort: