Twitterati think 25 per cent fine by the ICC wouldn’t affect Virat Kohli tad bit

The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently slapped a 25 per cent match fee fine on Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Team India skipper Virat Kohli is known to carry his heart on his sleeve. He is one of the most aggressive players on the cricket field in the modern day cricket world. The lines are applicable not only to his batting style but also his verbal antics on the field. His recent actions in the ongoing Centurion Test did not bring him good results for being the brash kid though as the ICC found it to violate their code.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently slapped a 25 per cent match fee fine on Virat Kohli for his actions shown to the on-field umpire during the day 3 play of the Centurion Test. The ICC have also added one demerit point to Kohli for his actions. Reportedly, Kohli was unhappy with the way the ball behaved in the damp conditions in the final session of day three.


He was quick to approach the on-field umpire to express his concerns for the ball being affected by the dampened conditions. Well, the umpire deemed the conditions to be perfect to continue and hence, went ahead with the proceedings without taking Kohli’s plea too seriously. Virat Kohli looked absolutely miffed with this and ended up throwing the ball hard on the ground in anger.

This violated the code of conduct of the ICC and hence, the Indian captain was charged with the breach. He admitted to the offence and hence, there were no further hearings on the matter. Reacting on the entire episode, the Twitterverse reckoned that the 25 per cent match fees fine would mean absolutely nothing to the Indian captain.

Many pointed out that Kohli earns big money from his endorsements. Hence, a fine as low as this, in his context of course, would mean very little. Meanwhile, there were other fans who believed that the move was the right one taken by the ICC. They remarked that nobody lies above the law and the law stands neutral for everybody, be it Virat Kohli or somebody else.

Here is how the Twitter world reacted to Kohli getting fined by the ICC:

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