Twitterati troll Ravichandran Ashwin after a promotional tweet went wrong

Ashwin who is usually very tactful on Twitter couldn't pull this one off.

Ravichandran Ashwin
Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin. (Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images)

Ravichandran Ashwin was trolled on Twitter after he posted a promotional tweet for Redmi Phone. Almost all major cricketers who enjoy a following in millions on social media often post promotional content for various brands. However, the fans didn’t take the tweet positively this time as they trolled Ashwin as there was a notable mistake in the post.

The Indian off-spinner had tweeted, “There’s often a debate on reading my carrom ball but, there are some things jinpe #KoiDebateNahi! Redmi Note4: India’s No.1 selling smartphone.”


Ravi Ashwin
Ravi Ashwin’s tweet. (Photo Source: Twitter)

However, the fans didn’t expect the same from the cricketer and went all guns blazing against the Indian spinner. Here are some of the potshots taken against Ashwin:-

A user tweeted that was the money he earned from playing cricket and advertising was not enough that now he’s started doing paid tweets.

Another user pointed out a hilarious mistake. The tweet from Ashwin’s account that was promoting Redmi Note 4 actually came from an iPhone.

Someone found this as an opportunity to troll him for his unsatisfactory performance in the limited-overs internationals.

Another troll, this time on him being dropped (or rested as the selectors say)

Trolled for his fitness here…

The biggest threat someone can come up with on Twitter.

Some constructive criticism over the tweet.

This user is more interested in the financial aspect.

Up for an argument Ashwin? Because this guy surely seems up for it.

Compulsory tweet trolling the South Indian cricketer’s hindi

And finally, Ashwin was questioned for promoting a Chinese product in spite of all the issues and tension that is going on between both the countries at the border.

Ashwin himself has been a troll on social media a lot of times when people have tried to take a dig at hime. However, this time he found himself at the receiving end.