Umar Akmal trolled brutally for his comments on Twitter

Umar Akmal trolled brutally for his comments on Twitter

Umar Akmal most ducks
Umar Akmal. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Umar Akmal is no stranger Twitter trolls nor are fans stranger to his quirky accusations and statements. This time, talking in the post-match press conference Akmal after a winning performance in the Pakistan Super League he said if he get’s an opportunity to bat higher up the order he can bat as good as Virat Kohli.

He, said that his comparison to Kohli is not acceptable as he bats at number six and the Indian bats at number three. He refused to accept that Kohli is one of the best in the world and rather said that he doesn’t moan about where he bats and always plays for the team.

He said, “When people compare me to Kohli, it’s a matter of number. Since Kohli’s debut, he is batting at number three and I have been batting at number six. Let me play at number three slot and him on six, then compare me with him. I never wailed over my number. I do everything for my team.”

Akmal went on to complain about the same and said that for him the number comes later and his team comes first. It might have been indirectly an accusation against Kohli but who knows better than Akmal what he actually wanted to say. He also added that he only complains about batting at six when he is compared.

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“Whatever cricket I have played, it’s for the team and the number comes later. But when people compare me with Kohli, only then do I point out that I bat in the lower middle order,” Akmal told the reporters during the press match conference.

There was a host of tweets due to these statements. There were a lot of trolls that came out and the hate tweets from Kohli fans were at an all-time high.

Here are some of the tweets: