Umpire dies in Pakistan due to heart attack during a local match

Umpire dies in Pakistan due to heart attack during a local match

Sheikh was umpiring in a local tournament in Karachi.

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In international cricket, the death rate on the field is increasing day by day. Earlier, in 2014 the death of Phillip Hughes had rocked the cricketing fraternity, who died due to a bouncer that stuck his head, and now this year an English umpire John Williams died when a ball hit by a batsman collided his head but in Pakistan recently an umpire collapsed on the field due to heart attack which is never witnessed on the cricketing field which is very unfamiliar sight.

As per the sources, this incident took place when a club-level match was going on the TMC Ground in Karachi and Naseem Sheikh was holding the responsibility of umpiring in the match of a local event with the name ‘lawyers’ tournament’.

Doctors declared the local umpire dead

The match organizer expressed that the 56-year-old umpire was taken to the nearby hospital after his collapse but till he reached hospital he died, “He fell down while supervising the match. He was rushed in an ambulance to a nearby hospital but expired on the way,” the organizer said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

Later, the doctor declared that the reason behind the collapse of the umpire Naseem was due to a severe heart attack. This is not the first incident that any umpire died on the field during the match. Earlier, this year an English umpire John Williams had died on the field due to a ball that stuck on his head, he did get treatment but after struggling for a month, he died in the hospital.

Actually he was doing the umpiring in a Division Two amateur match between Pembroke and Narberth at Treleet on July 13 when a batsman hit the ball that directly collided with the head of the umpire who was standing on the bowling end.

This is not the first time that cricket ground has been dealt with such an incident. The first death that took place on the field was way back in 1624 when Jasper Vinall was struck on his head by the bat. In the recent past, this sight has become frequent after the death of Raman Lamba, Phil Huges, Darryn Randall, although they were dealt with a blow of ball.

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