Umpire Sandeep Thakur suffers forehead injury

Umpire Sandeep Thakur suffers forehead injury

Umpire Thakur has been advised rest for a minimum of one month.

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Cricket Umpire Sandeep Thakur recently suffered a major forehead injury while he was on his job during a ‘B’ division Dr HD Kanga Cricket League match at Cross Maidan on Sunday. He has been advised a a month long rest. Thakur has been umpiring for 19 years, and it was the first time where he dealt such a blow.  He was treated immediately by neurosurgeon Dr Aadil Chagla.

Thakur was rushed to the Bombay Hospital. Dr. Chagla was near to the incident, as he was playing for MB Union against New Amrit CC in a ‘D’ division game. Thakur said that he is feeling better currently and also passed a token of thanks to Dr. Chagla, for the urgent medical assistance.

“Though it was shocking, whatever was going to happen, happened. I was regularly officiating ‘A’ and ‘B’ division matches which involved some Ranji Trophy players. But such an incident took place for the first time. I am confident of officiating my next match within a month,” Thakur told mid-day yesterday.

Thakur feeling better now

“I am feeling better now. I was lucky to have Dr Chagla around. It was very nice of him to help me,” said Thakur. Thakur, 57, who was smacked on his forehead when a midwicket boundary player threw the ball at the end where he was standing during a match between Apollo CC and United Cricketers.

“I just did my duty; I didn’t do anything special,” said Dr Chagla. “The scan is normal. There is no fracture and bleeding. He still feeling very giddy and needs to take rest,” he added. “The ball hit an area which we call the root of the nose, just on the forehead. It’s an injury which will require management by a surgeon,” said Dr Chagla, who was waiting to see the scan reports yesterday.