Umpire signals wide as batter gets caught out in hilarious turn of events in village cricket

Umpire signals wide as batter gets caught out in hilarious turn of events in village cricket

An umpiring blunder in village cricket has become viral.

Bat and Ball
Bat and Ball. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

A few strange incidents have grabbed the limelight in  Village Cricket this year. One was obviously that of England’s all-time leading run-scorer Alastair Cook being castled by an emerging 15-year-old village cricketer a couple of months ago and now, yet another interesting yet bizarre incident has turned out to be the center of attention in village Cricket.

This incident is about how an umpire took a hasty decision even before the bowler had completed bowling and how that decision worked extremely well in the favor of the batter. An umpire’s job is full of challenges and it demands alertness throughout the game. It just takes one wrong call to change the entire complexion of a game which could end up subjecting him to unwanted criticisms. However, on this occasion, the blunder committed by the umpire in a village cricket match has gone viral.

Umpire hilariously makes a hasty decision in village cricket

In a viral video posted by Barmy Army on their official Twitter handle, a bowler had pitched a delivery down the leg side as the umpire spread both his arms to signal a wide even before the batter had attempted a shot. Nonetheless, the batter decided to make the most of the opportunity as he advanced down the track with the intention of hitting it for a six. Unfortunately for him, he could not time the ball at all as the wicketkeeper ended up completing a simple catch behind the stumps.

The players in the dugout had a hearty laugh over this goof-up as the video ended. Barmy Army captioned the video as, “Umpire already signaling a wide…OUT caught.”

After the catch was taken, the umpire’s decision had absolutely no relevance as the batter walked back to the dugout while the opposition team started celebrating the breakthrough.

On a serious note, the hilarious incident which has gone viral might have forced all the umpires not to take their eyes off the ball and jump to conclusions instantly without second thoughts.