Union Minister of India gives final verdict on India-Pakistan bilateral series

"India-Pakistan can't play bilateral series till the terror from Pakistan remains," quoted Vijay Goel.

India v Pakistan
India v Pakistan. (Photo by Getty Images)

In the recent times, there has been a massive upsurge in the demands to see India locking horns with Pakistan in a bilateral series. The reports had been surfacing the media about the two concerned cricket boards being in talks about a possible series coming up sometime soon. The two teams have not played in a bilateral series for almost 5 years now due to the political tensions between the two countries.

Despite all the brouhaha, there were speculations that a series between the two sides might get underway later this year. However, Vijay Goel, the Union Minister of India, has put a full stop to all such speculations and claims. The members of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently met at Dubai in a meeting to discuss the same.


It was at this very meeting when Vijay Goel confirmed that there will be no such bilateral series between the two countries. He cited that unless Pakistan continues to terrorize the borders, there is absolutely no chance of a series. “India-Pakistan can’t play bilateral series till the terror from Pakistan remains,” quoted Vijay Goel.

Not possible in the current situation

He further remarked that the Indian cricket board must talk and consult the government of India before even planning on any such fixtures. He added that there cannot be a bilateral series in the present day scenario where the political relations between the two countries is very sour. “BCCI should talk to govt first before giving any proposal. Bilateral series in the current situation is not possible,” he added further.

Earlier, the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) had proposed to host India and Pakistan for a series. Now, even that looks like a far cry with the Indian government standing firm in their decision. For the moment, the two countries are gearing up for their Champions Trophy clash which will take place on June 4 at Birmingham.