Virat Kohli joins Ravindra Jadeja from dressing room to perform 'sword celebration'

Virat Kohli joins Ravindra Jadeja from dressing room to perform ‘sword celebration’

Jadeja got out soon after reaching his half-century.

Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli
Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

India have continued to pile on the runs in the ongoing Ranchi Test against South Africa. While Rohit Sharma slammed a sensational double hundred, Ajinkya Rahane also got to his 11th Test ton. There was no respite for the visitors even after the duo got out as Ravindra Jadeja continued his good run with the bat. After reaching his half-century, the left-hander unveiled his sword celebration and the skipper Virat Kohli enjoyed it to the hilt.

The incident took place in the 112th over of India’s innings when the debutant George Linde was delivering his 29th over. The bowler missed his line and Jadeja easily tickled the ball down the leg-side to run for a couple of runs. He was on 49 then and the shot also helped him reach his 13th half-century in Tests.

However, like every time, the Rajput in Ravindra Jadeja took over after getting to his 50. His usual sword celebration came out as his teammates inside the dressing room also enjoyed it a lot. And again it wasn’t a surprise to see Virat Kohli enjoying his collegue’s milestone.

The Indian skipper came out and suggesting another interesting celebration to Ravindra Jadeja. With his gestures, it seemed Kohli was suggesting him to do the horse celebration as well.

Here’s the video:

Virat Kohli’s India continue to dominate

The enjoyment didn’t end with Ravindra Jadeja’s half-century for Virat Kohli. Soon after the southpaw got out for 51, Umesh Yadav came out and went all guns blazing against George Linde. He smashed the left-arm spinner for as many as five sixes and once again, it was the Indian skipper who enjoyed it the most. He was clapping with a smile on his face every time Umesh crossed the ropes.

He went on to smash 31 runs off just 10 deliveries as India piled on the agony for South Africa who have failed to bundle India out in four innings in this series. They will have to bat extremely well to get out of the hole now and have any chance of avoiding the whitewash.

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