Virat Kohli laughs off ball-tampering allegations; chooses to focus on cricket

Virat Kohli India
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: BCCI)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has laughed off allegations tying him up to the ball-tampering allegations following India’s win in the second Test match at Vizag. The incident is one of few that has come to light following the sanctions imposed on South African skipper Faf du Plessis following the second Test match at Hobart.

Virat Kohli however, went on to lash out at those who chose to make this their priority ahead of the third Test match between India and England at Mohali. The incident of ball-tampering had occurred at Rajkot when Kohli had seemingly used his chewing gum to shine the red cherry against England. Kohli also smelled a rat when he said that the allegations came only after India’s win at Vizag.


“I think it is just to take the focus away from the series, to be honest. It happened in Australia when South Africa won the Test series. I am surprised actually that the issue came up in Rajkot but there was no mention till you saw the result in Vizag,” said Kohli.

The 28-year old India skipper also went on to reiterate that he would not pay any attention to what many said until the ICC decided to step in and probe an investigation into the matter. He also went on to add that he laughed off the allegations and did not find the need to pay attention to all these things.

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Kohli went on to clear his stand on the issue, saying: “To me, the newspaper article does not matter over the decision of the ICC and we, as cricketers, respect that only. Allegations and speculations, I am not aware of those things. I was told the five days after that thing came out and I laughed it off. I don’t pay attention to all those things.”

“If I was doing something, ICC would have spoken to me,” Kohli concluded.