Virat Kohli rubbishes rumours about the rift with Rohit Sharma

Virat Kohli rubbishes rumours about the rift with Rohit Sharma

"If I don't like a person, you'll see it on my face."

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Of late, there have been several speculations doing rounds in social media and mainstream media about a possible rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Post the World Cup 2019 semi-final loss, these talks have intensified. Apparently, the rumors state that the Indian limited-over vice-captain isn’t impressed with Kohli’s captaincy. Thus, there have been talks about a potential leadership change.

Rohit Sharma is a well-established leader. His IPL team, Mumbai Indians, won the championship four times under him. No other captain has managed to win the tournament more than three times. Also, Sharma was the interim skipper last year when Virat decided to rest. India won the Nidahas Trophy with a relatively young team under the 32-year-old. Moreover, he was successful in the Asia Cup as well and won the trophy.

However, the situation has been slightly different for Virat. While he has managed to win the bilateral series, he hasn’t really impressed in the major ICC tournaments. India bowed out of the World Cup 2019 after reaching the semi-final. Earlier, in the Champions Trophy 2017, the side lost the final to Pakistan under him. Thus, there have been several demands about the change in leadership and these speculations have also taken the internet by a storm.

Virat Kohli clears the air about the dressing room atmosphere

Just before the team departed to the West Indies for a full-fledged series, Virat Kohli addressed the media in Mumbai. It was obvious that he’d be questioned about this possible rift and the same was done. However, he denied the truth into these speculations.

Kohli said that the team wouldn’t have brought out the kind of performances as they are doing if there was no camaraderie, trust and understanding in the team. He said that he always praised Rohit Sharma whenever he batted well and called the speculations ridiculous.

“We wouldn’t have had the kind of performances we’ve had if the dressing room atmosphere wasn’t a good one. It is only possible due to the camaraderie, trust and understanding in our team. If I don’t like a person, you’ll see it on my face. I have always praised Rohit whenever I feel he bats well. I don’t know who is benefitting with all these stories. It’s baffling and ridiculous to read such stuff,” he said.