Virat Kohli speaks about two important tattoos inked on his body

He is currently enjoying some time away from the game.

Saroj Kohli
A tattoo of his mother Saroj Kohli. (Photo Source: Hotstar)

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Virat Kohli is the best batsman of his generation hands down. If there was any doubt about the same, the batsman put it to rest in the recent Test series in England by scoring 593 runs in 10 outings where he had earlier mustered only 134 runs in the same number of innings. He likes to lead from the front and ever since has been made the captain, his batting has gone to a different level. He also loves to ink tattoos on his body which according to him gives him the strength and the cricketer has spoken about it openly about it for the first time.

He is currently enjoying the time away from the game after being rested for the ongoing Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates and the fans are hoping for him to be back on the field soon for the Test series against Windies which commences on October 4.

Meanwhile, a special documentary has been prepared on him by National Geographic channel which went on air on Monday in their new program which is named ‘Mega Icons’.

Kohli reveals

Virat Kohli’s success in the international cricket has been highlighted and analysed thoroughly in the program and the man himself has spilt the beans about his life and career as well. He has inked ‘Saroj’ (his mother’s name) and ‘Prem’ (his father’s name) tattoos on his arms and has revealed that he feels a connection with both these names which is the reason he did so.

A tattoo of his father Prem Kohli
A tattoo of his father Prem Kohli. (Photo Source: Hotstar)

“Purely because of the connect that I’ve felt with them. It is something which is unexplainable. It is a feeling that not even something which can be put into words. Hence, I wanted to make it a part of me until I am alive,’ he said when asked about the reason why he has the two words inked on his body.

Kohli’s utmost respect towards everything makes him the best in the world and one would hope that he continues to bring laurels to the country for a long time in his career.

You can watch the full documentary here.

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